Ex-President Trump: next indictment in Georgia

Former U.S. President Donald Trump is facing the next indictment. This time in the state of Georgia, for election manipulation. Currently, three more cases against the 77-year-old are already underway.

Trump is facing the next indictment in Georgia. This reported the German news website Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland. With three cases already underway against him, he now faces the next trial. District Attorney Fani Willis has compiled two and a half years of evidence against Trump and plans to present it to a grand jury in Atlanta on Tuesday. The charge is attempted election meddling. Trump allegedly pressured the former president’s Republican interior secretary in Georgia in January 2021 to “find” 12,000 more votes for him in the state’s recount. At an event, Trump said: “What does crazy Fani want from me?” he complained. Then he raged on : “I made a perfect call. This is a witch hunt!”

Three proceedings already underway

A trial is currently underway in New York against Trump for hush-money payments, which are not punishable per se. But the former U.S. president is alleged to have falsely declared dozens of financial transfers in business and tax documents to cover up the payment of $130,000 to his former affair. Another indictment has been opened in Miami, involving the so-called “document affair.” Trump had hundreds of boxes of classified and top-secret documents delivered to his private residence when he left the White House. He refused to turn over the boxes to the National Archives a year and a half later. The charges are primarily for “willful withholding” of national security information. Another case is ongoing for inciting the Capitol storm after the 2021 elections.

Image: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from Washington D.C., United States, Trump, Pentagon leaders honor 9-11 victims (36997770562), CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons (image size modified)

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