Fires at night: several explosions in Moscow

Last night there were several fires and explosions in Moscow and the eponymous area around the Russian capital. This is reported by Jason Jay Smart, correspondent of the Kyiv Post, via the Network X, formerly Twitter.

In an initial post, Smart writes, “Big explosions in Moscow – the Federal Customs Service is on fire in Moscow. Explosions can be heard.” To this Smart posts a video taken at night, which is supposed to show the described situation. Flames can be seen near a watering hole, black smoke rises several meters into the night sky.

In a second post, a short time later, Smart reports a large fire in a warehouse in Moscow. The fire is said to be about 800 square meters. Presumed video footage is also available in this case. A motorist films a fire next to a road while driving. The flames can be seen from far away.

Attacks on Russian territory, especially the capital Moscow, are reported again and again. Smart doesn’t comment on the cause of these fires.

Image:, Vladimir Putin (2022-09-21), CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons (image size modified)

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