Great Britain wants to ban cell phones in class

The British government intends to ban smartphones in classrooms in order to reduce distractions from learning and online bullying.

“One of the biggest problems children and teachers face today is dealing with the impact of smartphones in our schools,” said Education Minister Gillian Keegan. The Conservative government, according to, has announced a nationwide ban to curb distractions, disruptions, and bullying. Keegan stated, “We know that teachers are grappling with the consequences and we know they need support.” A government spokesperson in London acknowledged that a change in the law would take time.

Critics point out practical implementation issues

Initially, only new guidelines will be issued. Until now, headteachers have had the authority to decide on mobile phone usage. In most schools in the UK, students’ smartphones are locked away before the start of classes. Patrick Roach, the head of the teachers’ union, criticized the British government’s plan as “unenforceable” and ineffective. According to Roach, it would be more important to provide support for parents and teachers because the negative effects of smartphone use extend beyond the classroom. Paul Whiteman, the head of the headteachers’ association, also highlighted problems with practical implementation.

Image: Number 10, The Prime Minister speaks to the President of Ukraine (52816935300), CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons (image size modified)

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