ISW: New drones for Russia? Moscow apparently also deploys “Italmas”

The Institute for the Study of Wars (ISW) has published in its latest report that Russia, in addition to the Shahed drones, is also deploying cheaper, domestic drones to target Ukrainian infrastructure.

As reported by The Kyiv Independent, Russian armed forces apparently used the new long-range Italmas-type drones and their variants in an attack on the Kyiv region for the first time. Reports suggest that this drone has significantly improved specifications compared to another drone of Russian production called Lancet. Allegedly, these improvements include a larger warhead and an increased launch range of up to 200 kilometers. According to Russian sources, the Italmas drones are lighter than the Shaheds, harder to detect, and shoot down. Moreover, they are cheaper.

Reports are not yet confirmed

These reports come from speculation that has been circulated in the Russian media. To date, however, there is no photographic or confirmed physical evidence of this. ISW had previously reported that Moscow is likely seeking to “expand and diversify its arsenal of drones, missiles, and guided bombs for attacks on critical Ukrainian infrastructure.” The increased use of Italmas drones is likely part of an effort to diversify munitions.

Image:, Владимир Путин (27-04-2023), CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons (image size modified)

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