ISW: Russia’s artillery units are getting better

According to the assessment of the U.S. think tank Institute for the Study of War, Russian forces in Ukraine lack morale and equipment. This reports The Kyiv Independent referring to an Aug. 21 report.

Military bloggers explain that the lack of light transport vehicles for some units in eastern Ukraine is causing tension among ranks of soldiers. Soldiers cannot use their equipment effectively if they do not have adequate transportation. For this reason, the country’s military leadership has resorted to confiscating soldiers’ private vehicles. “Russian soldiers feel they are at war with their commanders,” ISW writes.

Further, there is said to be shortage of artillery in Russian ranks.

ISW states, “Persistent complaints from Russian personnel indicate that the Russian Ministry of Defense is unwilling or unable to address persistent equipment deficiencies and low morale problems.”

At the same time, however, ISW said that despite low morale, there are signs that the Russian armed forces are capable of learning from past mistakes. Artillery units have become more accurate and are better able to hit their targets.

Image: Presidential Executive Office of Russia, Visit to joint staff of military branches involved in special military operation 04, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons (image size modified)

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