Largest mobilization in Israeli history: 300,000 reservists

Due to the conflict with the Islamist Palestinian organization Hamas in the Gaza Strip, Israel is calling up approximately 300,000 reservists for mobilization.

An army spokesperson emphasized that this is the most extensive mobilization in Israel’s history within such a short period, as reported by the German news platform

Total blockade

Israel is intensifying measures against the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. Defense Minister Yoav Gallant announces a “complete blockade” of the area, home to about 2.3 million people. This includes a ban on the import of food and fuel. Furthermore, the power supply to the area will be cut off. On the night of Sunday, the Israeli security cabinet had already decided on a fundamental stop of the import of electricity, fuel, and goods into the Palestinian territory, as the German news platform reports.

Image: Pixaby, CC0 license, via Pexels (no changes made)

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