New Recruitment Plan? Russia Wants Migrants and Unemployed for the War

Russia Needs More Soldiers for the War Against Ukraine – Now Migrants, Bankrupts, Debtors, Unemployed and Other Vulnerable Social Layers to Be Recruited More.

According to, , which references the Russian exile media Important Stories, the President’s Plenipotentiary in the Central Federal District has commissioned a plan for the recruitment of migrants, bankrupts, debtors, unemployed, and others for military service from regional authorities. The newspaper reportedly received a letter with instructions and a special form, which included the 22 population categories that Russian authorities want to prioritize for sending to the war against Ukraine.

Ministry of Defense is unable to recruit required number of soldiers

“It can be concluded that the Ministry of Defence is not capable of recruiting the required number of soldiers on its own. Therefore, the executive has the difficult task of bundling recruitment efforts and targeting them specifically among the oppressed layers of migrants, indebted people, that is, those who can be persuaded in some way. Signing the contract is still voluntary, but they can be persuaded, set conditions, or make life unbearable,” says the head of the public movement Citizen Army Law, Sergey Krivenko, according to the report.

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