No support: Hungary threatens Kyiv

In the parliament in Budapest, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban expressed clear criticism of Ukraine. This reports the German news platform

Orban states that Hungary will not support Ukraine in international affairs as long as the government in Kiev does not grant earlier rights to ethnic Hungarians in Ukraine. This issue has led to Hungary’s criticism of Ukraine in the past. The Hungarian government accuses Ukraine of restricting the rights of some 150,000 ethnic Hungarians with regard to their native language. In 2017, Ukraine had passed a law restricting the use of minority languages in schools.

More news about Ukraine:

Last Saturday, according to the “New York Times”, citing two sources in the US Department of Defense, the first American-made Abrams tanks were delivered to Ukraine. This delivery was made much earlier than originally expected and allows for possible deployment before the start of the mud period as the German news platform reported. The report states that more M1 Abrams tanks will be delivered to Ukraine in the coming months. In total, the US has agreed to provide Ukraine with 31 Abrams tanks.

Image: European People’s Party, Viktor Orbán, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons (image size changed)

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