Power of the Russian fleet grows: 30 new warships

During a naval parade, Russian President Putin praises his country, declaring, “Today Russia is sovereignly putting into practice the great tasks of its national naval policy and consistently expanding the power of its fleet.” He announces that numerous warships will be built this year.

At Russia’s largest naval parade in Saint Petersburg, President Vladimir Putin announced that 30 new warships will be built for the naval forces this year, as the German news portal n-tv.de reports. The parade, traditionally held on the last Sunday in July in Saint Petersburg and nearby Cronstadt, was attended by secretary of defense Sergej Shoigu and several guests of the Africa Summit. Putin had earlier invited the summit participants to the parade as well.

The major event was broadcast by Russian state television and featured a total of 33 warships, including four submarines. Extensive security precautions were taken due to feared attacks in connection with Russia’s war against Ukraine. Although Putin was informed of the recent drone attacks in Moscow, according to the Kremlin, the parades in Saint Petersburg and other regions of the country apparently proceeded without disruption despite the tense situation.

In his speech, Putin also mentioned the Baltic and Black Sea fleets, as well as other naval units, which were “bravely” performing their duties. The Black Sea Fleet is also active in the war against Ukraine and has repeatedly fired missiles at the neighboring country.

Image: George Chernilevsky, Project 1164 Moskva 2009 G1.jpg, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons (image size changed

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