Protest Artist Behind Bars – Russian Doctors Call for Release

Over 100 doctors appeal to Putin for the release of Alexandra Skochilenko, imprisoned for a protest act in a supermarket.

Over 100 Russian doctors have addressed President Vladimir Putin in an open letter, as reported by The Moscow Times. They are demanding the release of Alexandra Skochilenko, a 33-year-old woman sentenced to seven years in prison for protesting against Russia’s offensive in Ukraine in a supermarket. Skochilenko had replaced price tags in a supermarket with slogans criticizing the Russian offensive.

Lengthy Imprisonment a ‘Catastrophe’

Skochilenko, also known as an artist under the name Sasha, suffers from several health issues, including celiac disease and a congenital heart defect, as reported by The Moscow Times. Her mother told AFP that a long prison sentence would be a “catastrophe” for her daughter.

Doctors Express Concerns in Letter to Putin

In the letter, published on social media and independent Russian news sites on Saturday according to The Moscow Times, the doctors express serious concerns about Sasha’s health. They note that her chronic illnesses require proper medical monitoring and special diet, which cannot be provided in a penal colony. Her conviction last week was met with strong criticism from human rights groups and anti-Kremlin activists, The Moscow Times reports.

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