Kremlin’s Prediction for Election Outcome: The New President Will Be Much Like the Old

Kremlin spokesperson confirms: Russia’s next president will closely resemble Putin. Focus on 2024 elections as Putin plans re-election bid.

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov stated that President Vladimir Putin’s successor would nearly mirror Putin in their approach to governance. This comment was made in the lead-up to the upcoming Russian presidential election, as reported by The Moscow Times. President Putin, who has been in power since 1999, is expected to announce his re-election bid for 2024, having secured the possibility of two more terms through constitutional amendments in 2020, according to The Moscow Times.

Peskow: “The Same. Or Different, But the Same.”

When asked about Putin’s potential successor, likely after the end of his sixth and final term in 2036, Peskov said, “The same. Or different, but the same.” This remark was made to the student-led channel of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), as reported by The Moscow Times.

Elections Scheduled for March 2024

The Russian presidential elections are set for March 17, 2024. The Federation Council will make an official decision on the election date in December 2023. Following this, political parties must hold their primary conventions and officially nominate candidates. Putin is entitled to run again but has not yet made an official statement regarding his decision, according to The Moscow Times.

Image:, CC BY 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

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