Putin’s Dnipro Dilemma: Ukraine Tightens Grip on Eastern Shore

Ukrainian Forces Vying for Control in Krynky, Near Dnipro; Russian Bloggers Debate Ground Reality.

Ukrainian forces are making strides in Krynky, located near the Dnipro River, as they aim to solidify their positions on the eastern banks of Kherson oblast. According to the BBC Russia Service, as cited by ISW, Ukrainian troops are in fierce combat to ensure they dominate in Krynky.

Russian Military Bloggers Split on Situation in Krynky

Russian military enthusiasts online are divided about the exact stronghold Ukrainian forces have over Krynky. While some assert that Ukraine has complete control, others debate that point. Furthermore, there are accounts of Russian forces targeting Ukrainian strongholds near pivotal bridges adjacent to the Dnipro River.

Ukrainian Forces Ramp Up Krynky Operations

The Krynky and Pishkhanivka regions have become epicenters of intensified combat, as highlighted by various bloggers. ISW reports indicate that Russian troops are leaning heavily on their air and artillery divisions during these skirmishes. Additionally, some Russian commentators suggest that Ukrainian forces are making efforts to evacuate injured soldiers and bolster their ranks with additional personnel and gear across the Dnipro River.

Strengthening the Eastern Front

Ukrainian forces initiated significant operations on the eastern banks of Kherson oblast on the night of October 17-18. As per ISW, this move underscores the capability of Ukrainian troops to bolster and sustain their units, even amidst heightened Russian aerial movements.

Image: kremlin.ru, Vladimir Putin September 5, 2022, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons (image size modified)

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