This is why regular training is worthwhile for you and your dog

At the latest since dog training has established itself as a fixed infotainment program item on TV and social media, a “new” type of dog owner can be seen on a regular basis: equipped with two food bags, a drag line, the treat bag, and sometimes rubber boots and rain jackets, they wander across fields, meadows, and through parks, training with their dogs for all they’re worth.

And we also belong to this species and are great friends of regular training with his dog. If you start at puppy age, “sit”, “down” and “heel” will soon be easy. More challenging tricks like “cap off”, “left turn / right turn” or “bow” soon follow – always with positive reinforcement. Likewise, occupations such as retrieving, tracking or even the joint SUP trip increase in importance. And even if you are sometimes looked at askance on the street, the advantages of regular training outweigh the disadvantages. Provided you don’t put your dog and yourself under pressure and let your dog be a dog sometimes. Then you can not only enjoy a great four-legged companion, with which you can go through life super, but can also build a really good bond with his dog.

These are our personal advantages of regular training with his dog:

  • physical and mental workout for the four-legged friend
  • Strengthening the bond between man and dog
  • balance and relax the dog
  • compatibility in various everyday situations: In the restaurant, when traveling, when visiting friends.
  • Mutual trust and act as a team
  • Joint fun
  • Mutual respect
  • No conflicts with other dogs, continuous barking or destruction.

And even if you do not start at puppy age: Dog training can always be started and is worthwhile at any age. If you take the time to find out what the dog enjoys and what breed-typical abilities he has, nothing can really go wrong. In addition, there are now many very good dog trainers and employment offers that can help you.

What about you guys: Do you train regularly with your dog and if so, what?

Image by Racool_studio on Freepik

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