“Totally untrue”: Ukraine denies EU countries’ rejection of grain export scheme

According to the Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture, Taras Kachka, the information that five EU countries of Ukraine have rejected the proposals from Kiev to regulate the export of grain is not true.

He stated according to The Kyiv Independent the European Pravda news agency that five members of the European Union have not rejected Ukraine’s plan to regulate grain exports to five neighboring states. “The next round of negotiations has just ended, and I can say that the information about the ‘five states that rejected Ukraine’s proposals’ is completely untrue,” he is quoted as saying by the news agency. Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia, according to previous information, had rejected Kiev’s plan to introduce a licensing system for grain exports.

Ukraine has filed a complaint with the World Trade Organization

In May, the European Commission had imposed a ban on domestic sales of Ukrainian wheat, corn, rapeseed and sunflower seed, saying there was a risk that imports could threaten domestic agricultural producers in each country. On Sept. 15, the embargo was lifted again by the European Commission, although Hungary, Poland and Slovakia decided to maintain their own import bans. Ukraine then filed a complaint against the three countries with the World Trade Organization.

Image: European Parliament from EU, President Zelenskyy says Russia is a grave threat to the European way of life (52678962898), CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons (image size changed)

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