ussian soldiers advance: “Assaulting from all sides”

Russia intensifies its attacks on the heavily contested city of Avdiivka, which has been under siege for weeks. This is reported by German news website, citing the head of the Avdiivka military administration.

‘The intensity of the clashes has increased recently,’ says Vitaly Barabash. ‘The Russians have opened two more sectors from which they are launching attacks – towards Donetsk… and in the so-called industrial zone. The enemy is trying to storm the city from all directions.’

According to official statements, not a single building in the city remains intact. From an original population of over 30,000, today less than 1,500 people live in Avdiivka.

These claims have not yet been independently verified and/or confirmed. Therefore, they should be considered with caution. In war, it can be advantageous for conflicting parties to deliberately spread misinformation to strengthen their own position or weaken that of the opponent.

Image:, CC BY 4.0, Vladimir Putin and Sergey Shoigu – Saint-Petersburg 2017-07-30 (1).jpg, via Wikimedia Commons (no changes made)

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