103 destructive attacks: Putin uses aerial bombs

Overnight, according to statements by the local governor Oleksandr Prokudin, there were attacks by Russian forces on the village of Stanislav in the Kherson region, during which over 30 houses were damaged.

The attack not only affected residential houses but also caused damage to a school, shops, a church, a municipal enterprise, as well as a power line and a gas pipeline. Fortunately, no injuries were reported, as the German news platform n-tv.de informed.

Furthermore, around 10:30 am, Russian forces fired four guided aerial bombs at a settlement near the city of Kherson, as Prokudin reported. Although he did not provide further details, he emphasized that there were no injuries to mourn. According to Prokudin, in the last 24 hours, Russian forces attacked the Kherson area 103 times, using a total of 513 rounds from various weapon systems like mortars, artillery, Grad multiple rocket launchers, tanks, aircraft, and drones.

These statements have not yet been verified and/or confirmed by independent parties. Therefore, they should be treated with caution. In war, it can be advantageous for conflicting parties to deliberately spread misinformation to strengthen their own position or weaken the opponent’s.

Image: Mil.ru, Northern Fleet artillery combat training in Murmansk – January 2023 01, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons (image size modified)

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