Gaza Strip: Israel finds bodies of hostages during their operations

While Israel launched initial operations in Gaza, they found the bodies of hostages in the process.

The Israeli army has found the bodies of missing countrymen during initial operations. Thus, the “Jerusalem Post” reports that the bodies were discovered the night before during an advance of the 7th Brigade in the Gaza Strip. There was no indication of the number of dead.

First deployment of ground forces in Gaza Strip

The Israeli military said that ground forces had carried out “localized” operations over the past 24 hours. They had searched for tracks and “destroyed terror infrastructure and eliminated terror cells.” According to an Israeli army spokesman, the goal of these operations was to “clear the area of terrorists and weapons” and to find missing persons.

It is the first time since the large-scale attack on Israel by Hamas, the terrorist organization ruling the Gaza Strip, that the military has reported that Israeli ground forces have taken action in the Gaza Strip. The prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, calls the current counterattacks in Gaza only the “beginning” of the offensive. “We will destroy Hamas and win, but it will take time,” he said Friday night in an address to the nation.

Image: U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv, Benjamin-Netanyahu (23255006396-cropped), CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons, (no changes made)

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