Lukashenko threatens NATO with the use of nuclear weapons

Belarusian ruler Alexander Lukashenko has threatened the transatlantic defense alliance NATO with the use of nuclear weapons. This reports the German news website citing an interview Lukashenko gave to the state news agency Belta and a translation by CNN.

Lukashenko said against the backdrop of the conflict in Ukraine that Belarus would “never interfere in this war” unless Ukraine crossed the border of his country. “We will continue to help Russia,” Lukashenko added, “it is our ally.” At the same time, Lukashenko warned that if provoked, especially by NATO countries such as Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia, Belarus would respond “immediately with everything we have.” Including nuclear weapons. Russia had already moved nuclear warheads to Belarus in June, and parts of the Wagner mercenaries have also been in the country for several weeks. Countries such as Poland reacted to the transfer of the mercenaries by increasing their military presence on their borders. Despite the transfer of the nuclear warheads to the neighboring country, Russia assures that Moscow retains control over them.

Image:, Lukashenko-Putin meeting (2022-09-26) 02, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons (image size modified)

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