Massive blow: Russian losses increase by 90%

Russia’s losses in the war of aggression against Ukraine have risen sharply. This was reported by the British Ministry of Defence in its report of October 22. On the short message platform X, formerly Twitter, the British Ministry of Defence writes:

“The recent Russian attacks in Avdiivka have contributed to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence recording a 90% increase in Russian casualties. Since February 2022, Russia has significantly bolstered its forces on the ground in Ukraine by amplifying recruitment through financial incentives and the partial mobilization carried out in autumn 2022. This personnel build-up is the main reason Russia is able to defend held territories and execute costly attacks. It is likely that Russia has mourned 150,000-190,000 permanent casualties (killed and permanently wounded) since the onset of the conflict, with the total number, including the temporarily wounded (who have recovered and will return to the battlefield), amounting to about 240,000-290,000. The Wagner Group and its prisoner battalions that have fought in Bakhmut are not included in this count.”

In Russia, the updates from the British Ministry of Defence are assessed as propaganda.

Image:, Vladimir Putin (2022-10-10), CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons (image size modified)

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