Military expert: Ukrainian front breakthrough as “very dangerous moment for the Russians”

Military expert Marcus Keupp tells ZDF that the Ukrainian front breakthrough represents a dangerous moment for the Russians.

Only recently, Ukraine has achieved a breakthrough on the southern front against the Russian invaders. It is relying on the use of drones for attacks and, according to military expert Keupp, is trying to “tear a gap in the Russian defense at a certain point.” Ukraine, he said, is currently in the process of opening that gap. “So this is a very dangerous moment for the Russians,” he said.

New phase of war

According to the expert, we are now in the phase “where it is a question of whether the war is strategically lost for the Russians or not,” said Marcus Keupp. The war will be strategically lost if Ukraine gets into the position of reaching the Black Sea coast and shelling Crimea. At the moment, one can see the “maximum of force deployment” of the Ukrainian counteroffensive.

“I already think that now in the next few weeks the strategic decision will be made in this war, that is, at least as far as the southern front is concerned and as far as the possibility of shelling Crimea is concerned,” the expert continues.

Image:, Робоча поїздка Президента України на Запоріжжя 70, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons (image size modified)

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