Putin: USA are causing “additional threat”

Wladimir Putin considers the deployment of US ATACMS missiles to support Ukraine in its defense against his aggressive war as an “additional threat.”

Nevertheless, Putin announced during a press conference in Beijing that Russia intends to intercept these missiles as well. He stated that the USA had made a mistake by further entangling themselves in the conflict in Ukraine, which he believes will prolong suffering in the region. On Tuesday, Kyiv confirmed receiving the missiles from the USA and successfully using them against Russian military bases, as reported by the German news website n-tv.de.

According to reports from “The New York Times,” citing statements from two government officials, the United States has delivered approximately 20 ATACMS missiles to Ukraine. These missiles are also reported to be the version with cluster munitions, which have the potential to cause significant damage over a large area, making them suitable for attacks on airbases where aircraft and helicopters are stationed.

Image: kremlin.ru, Vladimir Putin September 5, 2022, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons (image size modified)

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