Russia starts military maneuvers in the Baltic Sea

Russia has announced the conduct of military exercises in the Baltic Sea, as the German news website reported.

According to the Ministry of Defense, the Russian Navy is conducting a maneuver called “Ocean Shield 2023” in the Baltic Sea, involving more than 30 ships and about 6000 soldiers. The aim of the exercise is to check the operational readiness of the fleet and protect Russia’s national interests in this important region. The ministry in Moscow said that the duration of the maneuver has not been disclosed. In addition to warships, supply units and aircraft are also deployed. In addition to the Navy, various other units of the armed forces are also involved.

The exercise focuses on various aspects, including the protection of maritime radio communications, coastal regions and military cargo transportation. The ministry said that a total of more than 200 combat exercises are planned, including practical weapons applications. At the end of the maneuver, warships are to return to their ports and aircraft are to fly to their bases. This maneuver is taking place against a backdrop of increasing tensions with European countries over the conflict in Ukraine. The Baltic Sea is mainly surrounded by NATO member states, which Moscow considers a serious threat. A few months ago, Russia announced that it would increase its presence in the Baltic Sea region, especially in view of Finland’s possible admission to NATO.

Image:, Putin at military exercises (2022) 02., CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons, (no changes made)

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