Situation “Fully Under Control”: Russia “Withdraws All Units”

According to Andriy Demchenko, the spokesperson for the Ukrainian Border Guard, Russia appears to have “withdrawn all its units from the territory of Belarus.” These units were reportedly withdrawn as part of a “rotation,” and no new units have arrived, as reported by The Kyiv Independent.

However, some members of the Russian armed forces continue to stay in Belarus, primarily consisting of military personnel responsible for maintaining Russian equipment in the country, as stated by Demchenko.

Despite actively monitoring the area, the Border Guard spokesperson mentioned that the situation at the border is “fully under control.” There are no signs of personnel or equipment being relocated towards Ukraine.

These reports have not yet been independently verified or confirmed. Therefore, they should be regarded with caution. In times of war, it can be advantageous for parties involved in the conflict to deliberately spread misinformation to either strengthen their own position or weaken that of their opponent.

Image:, Vladimir Putin (24.06.2023), CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons (image size modified)

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