Success for Putin: destruction of four Ukrainian boats in the Black Sea

Russia has claimed that it has succeeded in destroying four unmanned Ukrainian boats in the Black Sea, as reported by The Kyiv Independent.

According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, the Russian forces were able to destroy the boats on their way to the occupied Crimea. Ukraine has not yet confirmed Russia’s claims. Over the summer, there have been increased Ukrainian attacks on the Crimea, which is occupied by Russia, attempting to disrupt Russian logistics and undermine defense installations in the south of the country.

During an attack on Crimea on November 10, two Russian speedboats were sunk by a Ukrainian ground drone. The Crimea Bridge, which connects the occupied peninsula to the Russian mainland, has also been attacked multiple times by unmanned boats.

These claims have not been independently verified or confirmed. Therefore, they should be treated with caution. In warfare, it can be advantageous for conflicting parties to deliberately spread misinformation to strengthen their own position or weaken that of the opponent.

Image:, CC BY 4.0, Vladimir Putin 18.03.2021.jpg, via Wikimedia Commons (no changes made)

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